About us

Modern, Relaxed, Friendly

Glasfryn House is a large modern town house of pleasing proportions. Built on two floors, it presents a welcoming façade, a testament to the personalized care we give our residents. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and residents respond well to our dedicated one-to-one care. With 34 bedrooms, Glasfryn House is of an ideal size—big enough to be viable, and small enough to be free of institutionalized attitudes. Our staff and residents both benefit in this mellow environment.

Our Philosophy

Person Centred Care
The ethos and practice within Glasfryn is one of person centred care. The core values which underpin all aspects of care consist of ensuring that issues regarding the client’s ‘Privacy, Dignity, Choice, Independence, Rights and Fulfilment’ are given prime importance.

Personalised Care Plan
We produce an individualised plan of care for each of our residents based on their assessed needs when they come to Glasfryn. The resident (if appropriate) and their close relatives are invited to contribute to drawing up the Care Plan if they so wish.

This is always seen as a shared planning of care; information from other outside bodies would also be included, for example from the client’s family doctor, dietician, nutritionist, social worker among others.

Where possible, residents are encouraged to remain with their current family doctor to ensure continuity of care.

Religious care
Glasfryn House maintains a close liaison with local places of worship of various denominations; we arrange for regular visits and communion for residents.